3 Concept stores in Madrid for laid-back shopping

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Madrid’s hottest new trend is shopping while eating and drinking.  Well, maybe not doing all three at exactly the same time, but new spaces are popping up around the city offering compras in addition to having an area where one can drink coffee/tea, sample wine, have a snack or even a full on meal.

This new concept is fabulous for me.  As a woman, I thrive on doing as many things as possible at one time, so any place where I can kill two birds with one stone (e.g. buy a new shirt, have a coffee, shop for gardening supplies and taste wine) works wonders for a girl on the go.

The three places I’m suggesting are all very different — each one with their own particular idea of what it means to offer goods for sale and something to eat or drink.  Pick which one goes with your style or better yet, pay all three a visit!

Roxanne Moda y Café

Upon entering, the spacious, impeccably organized boutique invites you in with its detailed decorations, soft hints of jazz music floating around, original fashions and the prospect of a hot cup of tea and a new pair of boots.  Don’t be thrown by the designer fashions — the setting has that warm, comforting feel of your favorite coffee shop while at the same time being cool and trendy.   Down to every detail this place is perfect, a beautiful French coffee cup, a delicious chocolate cake and fur lined jackets to die for.

At Roxanne Moda y Café, you can purchase women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories and enjoy a cup of hot tea, coffee or a tasty sweet treat like a slice of homemade apple cake.

The only downside? Closed on Sundays, as most boutiques are!

Federica & Co.

As you walk down Calle Hermosilla, it’s the typical city setting, gray building after gray building, when suddenly a shining courtyard appears with flowers and greenery taking you light years away from anything city-like.  This magical garden setting is Federica & Co., a concept store that includes several shops within a courtyard and also offers wine tasting and cooking classes. Pop up shops also make the occasional appearance.

Visiting this space is a wonderful way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city and stock up on anything from wine glasses to a picnic basket to a new necklace, followed by a wine tasting or learning how to cook that Italian dish you have been dying to prepare.

Living in London

Living in London is a sit-down restaurant/bar serving British food and tea where you can also buy British food items like a nice Earl Grey to enjoy at home.

The cool thing about this space is it’s actually two spaces, one right next to the other! One is a shop where you can purchase cute little knick-knacks and kitchen items like teapots and coffee mugs. Then stop into the local right next to it for a nice coffee, a daily lunch menu, or even a copa as they boost a full bar.  The “restaurant” location is where you can buy the food items to take home as well.

This place is heaven for anyone who loves British tea, although I wouldn’t call it cheap. It will cost you 3.40 euros for a mug of their English Breakfast Tea!

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