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¡Vaya Madrid! is all about connecting English-speaking residents to their adopted city of Madrid. The articles you find here are our experiences and insights about food, parenting, learning Spanish, culture, tech and lifestyle in Madrid.

We’re always on the lookout for Writers, Visual Content Creators and Photographers.

We currently don’t accept one-off guest posts on our main site but we do allow submissions on our blog. Submit a guest post


Writers have an ongoing commitment to put out an article of 500-1100 words at least once a month. There aren’t any fixed deadlines — you can post on whatever schedule/timetable with which you are comfortable.

What will you write about?

We’re interested in how you see Madrid, what you’ve observed or learned about the Spanish culture, and how you’ve absorbed (and been absorbed by) the city so that other English speaking foreigners might connect, relate and be inspired. Bear in mind that this is a magazine that’s read by people who have settled in for quite some time, so please stay away from English teacher experiences and anything hackneyed or touristy. For a better idea of the kind of mindset we’re looking for, read the About Us section at the bottom of the page.

What shouldn’t you write about?

In general, we shy away from restaurant or bar reviews unless a deeper relevance is there. For example, this article prominently features a cheese shop but it’s relevant because it’s about how the cheese shop helps educate people about the various artisan Spanish cheeses. Or take this piece about a particular farmer’s market that’s also about finding a bit of comfort in having fresh and local produce, just like back home.

We also don’t cover events that our readers won’t have access to (i.e. exclusive or invitation only events) or won’t have time to experience (i.e. 1-2 day or non-recurring events) themselves.


At a minimum, you:

  • have lived in Spain for at least 2 years and currently live in Madrid
  • are at least 25 years old (or beyond thinking that a botellón is the best thing ever)
  • are a native English speaker or proficient in English
  • have a handful of story pitches already

It would be ideal if you:

  • have an active blog (self-hosted,, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.), Facebook page or Meetup group*
  • know how to use Twitter and Facebook to self-promote

* a writing sample may be asked of you if you don’t have work viewable online

General guidelines for regular contributors

  1. All articles are written in English and are about 500-1100 words long.
  2. Articles should be written in a light, conversational tone.
  3. An author’s bio and photo will be included at the bottom of the article. Please keep your bio short (2-3 sentences).
  4. Contributors will retain the rights to their articles and/or photographs.
  5. Article pitches are original and have not been published previously on your blog or other sites you contribute to.
  6. Contributors should have a Google+ profile and add ¡Vaya Madrid! as a publication they write for.

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Visual Content Creators

Visual Content Creators are people are illustrators, graphic designers or people who like to capture everyday Madrid scenes with tools like Vine and Instagram. Your content will be used standalone, in galleries or in articles written by Writers.

If you would like to apply as a visual content creator, please contact us.


Photographers submit interesting madrileño scenes for photo essays and from time to time, support writers by arranging photo shoots with their subjects (e.g. interviewee portraits, store interiors).

The ideal candidate:

  • has their own camera equipment
  • has basic Photoshop or Lightroom skills
  • can come up with concepts for a photo shoot

If you would like to apply as a photographer, please contact us.