Fall 2013 trends from Fashion Week Madrid include green, jumpsuits, leather and fur

Fashion Week 2013

Once upon a time, every designer presented a very unique and diverse selection of clothing and accessories at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, Spain’s top platform to promote fashion. But this year and in recent years, the appearance of the “IT” trend has recently changed the way designers operate. While each of the 42 Spanish designers presented their own original selection, it was very easy to identify a few common trends for the fall based on fabric, silhouette and color.

Think back to the peplum silhouette this past fall, the infamous oxblood color, or the appearance of lace fabric. Doubt you will be seeing much of these in seasons to come, as oftentimes, these trends are fleeting. Every once in a while though, you’ll get lucky and a trend will stay put (think skinny jeans –still going strong!).

What I suggest regarding runway trends is to quickly invest in a key piece for each trend at the beginning of each season. If you wait for rebajas, it’s likely this piece/color will already been going out of style. If you get lucky, this trend will continue and you will be able to continue sporting your item for seasons or even years to come.

Below is a key guide to some of the runway trends for fall/winter 2013 based on the Madrid catwalks.  Will these trends last? Maybe not. But if you know now, you can already beginning shopping for these pieces!

“IT” color for fall:  Green (all shades)

“IT” silhouette: The jumpsuit, a la 70’s style

“IT” fabrics: Leather and Fur

I think leather and fur will actually be here to stay, at least for a few more seasons. Fur has been coming back into style for a while now and I see it staying.  (If you are an older Spanish woman, you’ve been wearing fur for the past six decades). Remember, if you aren’t into real fur, the fake stuff is just as stylish and can even keep you just as warm.

Leather is also a more basic trend so you can easily sport your leather jacket or boots for years to come, however, a leather dress may go out of fashion more quickly.

For all the men out there, don’t panic, you too can participate in these trends.

Keep these “IT” ideas and suggestions in mind for next fall/winter and happy shopping!

Lori Zaino

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Image Credits: Gabri Solera

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