6 Scarves you should have in your wardrobe to look like a Madrileño

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A scarf isn’t just a functional accessory you throw on before you rush out the door to keep your neck warm during a blustery fall or winter Madrid day — they’re an essential part of your outfit for men and women alike.

It’s just a simple piece of fabric but a bufanda can upgrade and pull together any outfit instantly. They aren’t limited to the colder seasons either and can be worn all year long.

I find I wear scarves much more here in Madrid than I ever did back in Chicago. Since moving here, my scarf collection has grown from about 6 cold weather scarves to about 20 different types of scarves — and I still enjoy the occasional scarf purchase here and there. You can never really have too many!

A Scarf for every occasion

The best part about bufandas is that they are easy to find and usually reasonably priced. You can find a hip scarf from a street vendor,in a small vintage boutique shop, in a department store or large retail chain store. You can even knit your own!

  1. Day to night scarf
    Pick something you can wear to work but is also cute to wear out, like a muted, solid color (navy, black, brown) that’s not too llamativa.
  2. Always out scarf
    If you are sensitive to the cold in general or you need to be outside a lot, definitely go with a warm, extra-long, wooly scarf. Great colors this season are oxblood, gold/orange or army green.
  3. Special occasion scarf
    Something glittery, silky or glamorous for an evening out or a wedding is always a classy touch.
  4. Trend scarf
    You can never go wrong with a leopard print scarf. Fake fur neck wraps are also trending this season.
  5. Pattern scarf
    Patterns are super stylish right now, more specifically florals, paisley or stripes.
  6. Cuello
    These are basically scarves in a circle that you pull over your head and wear around your neck.

Still a man’s man

Menswear grey white scarf

Men’s scarves

A special note for the non-European guys: don’t be afraid to wear a scarf even though you’ve never worn one in your life. They are the perfect way to make you look extra stylish but laid back at the same time, without too much effort.

In general, the male scarf selection is slightly simpler and more basic than the female — you can go with a cuello, a big wooly scarf or a lighter pashmina one.

I would suggest keeping it simple and solid, muted colors are great. Grey and navy always look sophisticated on a man. Try to pick a color that doesn’t clash with your pant, footwear and shirt selection. When in doubt, pick something that meshes with your own personality.

Once you have your scarf in hand, the possibilities are endless: what do you wear it with? How do you tie it? Here are 25 ways to wear your scarf:

Happy scarf shopping!

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