Watch artisans craft your leather piece in Taller Puntera’s Old World-style workshop and store

Taller Puntera

In an era beset by a throwaway culture and an assembly-made complex – you know, that nagging suspicion that everything these days has been made in a factory in China – it’s good to know that there are still a few places in the world today that put a premium on passion and fine craftsmanship.

Taller Puntera is one such oasis in a desert of disposable goods. This 3-year old leather atelier on Plaza del Conde de Barajas (behind Mercado San Miguel) is an artisanal space where you can interact and observe the craftsmen at work as they create the unique and exquisite leather goods on display.

In fact, it’s a bit misleading when you first walk inside, as it resembles more of a workroom on “Project Runway” rather than a leather shop, with a wide central area to accommodate big tables, artist’s tools, and rolls of multi-colored leather.

On the surrounding shelves and side tables are the muy divine pieces for sale – a whole range of fine accessories from bags, purses and wallets to notebooks, sketchpads, belts and even cool footwear.

I bought a pair of handmade camel leather and canvas brogues for 35 euros, and it has not ceased getting compliments from all over.  I made a mental note to come back for the black and white version.

With the holidays coming up, this place is definitely worth a visit as it is the perfect spot for gift hunting – especially if you’re looking for something special and customized. If you want an item in a certain color and design, the artisans on call can present you a swatch of skins and colors and they will happily listen to your ideas and deliver within 1-2 weeks.

I bought my niece a leather sketchpad in her favorite color orange, complete with a colored pencil set. For a personal touch, I had it monogrammed with her initials – free of charge – and you can even watch them do it with a Bunsen burner and iron branding tools.  My niece has not parted with her orange sketchpad since.

Truly, the finer things in life can never be rushed.

Natalia Diaz

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